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‘Nobody can scare us’ – Chef Failatu reacts to Nigerian Chef’s GWR attempt

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Ghanaian who recently attempted the longest cooking marathon by an individual has said she is not frightened by any attempt to challenge her record.

A Chef based in Canada, Beauty Obasuyi has currently surpassed Chef Failatu’s 227 hours of cooking.

Beauty initially planned to cook for eight days after beginning her on January 10, 2024 but has decided to extend her cooking marathon by an additional 10 days.

She is now aiming for an astonishing 18 consecutive days of non-stop cooking for an impressive 432 hours.

Responding to the news of Chef Beauty’s cook-a-thon attempt on on , Chef Failatu said she is not frightened by any challenge.

“Nobody can scare . I would reapply and go and give them some one million days,” she jokingly said.

Chef Faila embarked on a 10-day cook-a-thon at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale from January 1, 2024, in an attempt to break the current 119-hour record held by Irish chef Alan Fisher with support from her assistant, Chef Malik Eric.

Determined to break the official record, Chef Faila ended her cook-a-thon at an astounding 227 hours:00mins:02 seconds.

Failatu was willing to add more hours to her cooking marathon but a medical order from her team restricted her.

Reacting to this she said “They [My team] should have left me to my fate”.

Her record-breaking attempt has gained global attention and was filled with unforgettable memories as many await the official confirmation for the Guinness World Record.

Meanwhile, the Guinness World Records (GWR) have reacted to the record-breaking attempt by Ghanaian 

This comes after an official X account, Olele Salvador posted a video that announced the end of Faila’s cook-a-thon.

The GWR in a tweet on Wednesday, January 10 said “We look forward to reviewing her evidence”!


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