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Kristo Asafo Mission Of Ghana @50: THE LIES YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana (KAMoG) also known as Christ Reformed Church was officially established on February 3, 1971. After years of attaining enlightenment and studying all possible means to empower Africans, 3rd February is the day Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo officially chose to start implementation of his African emancipation blueprint. This is not just a special day for Apostle Kwadwo Safo and his entourage. It is a day which summons all serious minded Pan-Africanists throughout the world to gather around the bonfire of patriots for an arch introspection of the past, present and future of Africa. After seven years of researching into KAMoG, kindly permit me to expose you to truth you wouldn’t easily find anywhere.

Before I proceed, you must note henceforth that Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, founded and led by Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo (Kantanka), is not a church but a Pan-African organisation! Yes, you heard me right, it is not a church! If KAMoG is not a church, then, why do they use Bible? Why is the leader having a Christian title, Apostle? Why do they adopt charismatic Christianity style of worship? In the history of the world, have you ever read about any pastor who established a church with a mission to redeem a continent from neocolonisation and oppression before? Have you ever read about any church which invest all its monetary contributions into scientific and technological research to champion for psychological, economic, social, cultural, and political independent of a continent/race before? Intelligent people are those who can decode encrypted communication by comprehending subliminal actions and words employed.

A true visionary leader is someone who critically examines the strenghts and weaknesses of people, and forge a mastermind alliance with these people, to achieve all set goals with the available resources. Visionary leaders don’t complain, they just employ whatever means necessary to achieve any set goal – Kantanka is the true definition of a visionary leader! An African proverb says, “if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together.”

Kantanka had a vision from day one to change the extreme poverty and oppression engulfing Africans – an impossible dream to be achieved by one person. Although he had skills and rare knowledge, but how could he make his dream possible without funding and a mastermind group? So he engineered a system to fund his mission and provide the needed mastermind group. Kantanka thoroughly analysed the contemporary prevalent African mindset and realised the colonial masters had caused extreme damage by making Africans super religious. He acted like a true visionary and discovered a hidden solution in the problem created by the slave masters – let me found a church to fund the African emancipation agenda and also provide me with the mastermind group.

What most people don’t know is that Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana is one of the first private churches established in Ghana – established in 1971. Just as the West African Students’ Union (WASU) was established in 1925 to serve as a Trojan Horse to fight for the political emancipation of African countries, Kristo AsafoMission of Ghana was established on  Febraury 3, 1971 to serve as a Trojan Horse to fully emancipate Africa from political, technological and cultural shackles. In 1979-80, Rev. Fr. Kwabena Damuah was also whirled by the African emancipation wind to detect mind control tactics of the western missionaries. He left Roman Catholic Church and established Africania Missionary which employ all the African spirituality in worship ( just to draw your attention to the 70s emancipation vibration).

But starting a church was the easiest part, but getting the people to truly love themselves and move in unison was the real deal. Kantanka had to adopt some philosophical and extremely intelligent doctrines to make his mastermind group work as programmed. In 2012, I was shocked to realise the group knew themselves as if they have been living in the same house; unlike other churches, these people were too united as siblings. Kantanka truly deserves a honorary doctorate in sociology and psychology.

In 1981, Kantanka started working on the true works needed to truly emancipate Africa. He inaugurated the Apostle Safo Suaye Technological Research Centre (ASSTRC) at Gomoa-Mpota along the Winneba-Accra road. Then, he started working with some of the members in his mastermind group to start what will lead Africa into true redemption – science and technology not religious sermons. Over three decades of scientific research and technological exhibitions, Ghanaians have refused to embrace the works of Kantanka and his people.

Ghanaian investors and stakeholders have decided to ignore the works of the man ascribing our indifference to his works being supernatural and unscientific. But Nikola Tesla, the great mind who electrified every household with AC electricity, explained,”physics extend beyond what is scientifically known today. The future will show that what we now call occult or the supernatural is based on a science not yet developed, but whose first infant steps are being taken as we speak.” The methods employed by Kantanka are just an advanced physics which is not captured in the mainstream curriculum. Indeed, Albert Einstein was right when he said, ” great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Currently, the Movement is shedding its church cocoon to attain its true Pan-African glory. The call-to-duty vibration I tuned into in 2011 was also picked by the ancient people of Sao Kotoko Community in Sudan, Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria in 2017. It attracted their Royal Highnesses Sultan Alhaji Ali Saleh of Makary, Sultan of Gahwie, Sultan Mahamat of Biamo and other non-Christian dignitaries across Africa.

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