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“Go and meet your daddy and mummy to do bigger person”- Tacha rubbishes Mummy Zee supporters

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  • Reality TV star Tacha criticized those who expected her to be bigger during her altercation with Mummy Z, stating she doesn’t care about opinions and will drill the ground for crude in 2024.

In response to those who think reality TV star Tacha should have handled her online spat with Mummy Z better, Tacha has spoken out.

She informed the people who follow her on Twitter that she does not care about the opinions of other people and that in the year 2024, she will drill the ground for crude content if people continue to be low.

Those who were expecting her to perform better were also criticized, and she advised them to meet their parents at their home.

In addition, Tacha responded to those who disclosed that she had previously solicited funds online, stating that the activity took place while she was absent.

“If you like fake screenshots!! if you like post a GoFund my fans created in my absence!! iF you like post videos i posted myself like it’s a discovery (when your mates dey discover electricity) a
This BAHDIE Don’t CARE!! This is 2024!!! you go low!! I Drill for crude!!
Go AND meet your mummy and daddy to do bigger person with you!! Siaaa”

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