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Delay reacts emotionally to tweet of Kidi calling her an “illiterate”

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Delay has reacted with a bit of emotion after she came into contact with a tweet KiDi made about her in the past.

KiDi in the past had described Delay as an illiterate.

In a tweet he made at the time, he said he thought Delay was illiterate.

He had written; “I think Delay is an illiterate shruggs.

These words after several years have rubbed the scathing words of Delay who could not hold back but react emotionally.

She intimated that illiteracy did not force her not to become who she is thus Kidi’s opinion about her did not determine the course of her life.

Delay also shared the link to an interview she had with Kidi on her show to prove that despite her illiteracy, she was able to have him on her show eventually.

Delay wrote:

Illiteracy is not a crime. I guess the end justifies the means after all. I made it in life so that’s what matters! Click on the link below to watch my interview with Kidi!

KiDi, in the past, had made several tweets about his supposed relationship with journalist Anita Akuffo.

These tweets contained sexual and flirty connotations, which the singer made years back when he had not risen to the limelight.

While many people believe Anita Akuffo was in a relationship with KiDi, the singer confirmed it in tweets.

From making jokes about Anita Akuffo-Addo’s buttocks to reminiscing about their young relationship in class 3 to fantasizing over her body, these tweets have gravely exposed KiDi.

Although they were made years ago, many have called him out for being that ‘agenda boy’ who tweeted what was on his mind without any equivocation.

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