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HomeEntertainmentDeborah Seyram Adablah calls on the US government to arrest NDA

Deborah Seyram Adablah calls on the US government to arrest NDA

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Embattled side chic Deborah Seyram Adablah has taken her fight to the doorsteps of US-based social media commentator Naana Donkor Arthur popularly known as NDA.

It all started when NDA decided to question the rationale behind Deborah’s audacity to take his sugar daddy to court for failing to provide some things he promised her while they were in a relationship.

In NDA’s submission, she stated that she prays that Deborah gets married and another lady also comes into the picture to sleep with her husband so she can know how it feels.

But Deborah who isn’t happy with the comments from NDA decided to respond harshly to her and also drag in her two children.

According to Deborah, NDA is not a normal being and this has affected her womb which is why she always gives birth to abnormal children.

She added that NDA’s two children are all suffering from autism and instead of her to think about them, she is on social media and jumping on people’s cases uninvited.

Deborah went on to say that what even baffles her is the fact that NDA allows her kids to come on social media something she(Deborah) believes is a calculated move to exploit her kids.

She promised to involve the US government to make sure NDA is arrested for exploiting her children using their illness.

Watch the video below:

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