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Clinton Joshua pays Mercy Johnson surprise visit, shares sweet moments with her (VIDEO)

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  • In a buzzworthy video making its rounds, Clinton Joshua was captured making a delightful stop at the movie set of his senior colleague, Mercy Johnson.
  • Amidst a symphony of whispers and camera flashes, the budding tall actor and the seasoned starlet indulged in a series of affectionate embraces and delightful exchanges, that left their fans and followers alike craving more of their scintillating encounter.

The endearing and affectionate meeting between the talented Nigerian actor, Clinton Joshua, and his esteemed senior colleague, Mercy Johnson, left fans absolutely enchanted, with their hearts overflowing with warmth and admiration.

In a widely circulating video, Clinton was captured in the company of his friends as they made a grand entrance onto the set of Mercy Johnson’s movie, to surprise her. Among the bustling activity of cast and crew members engaged in filming, their arrival added an extra spark of excitement to the scene.

After a brief search amidst the bustling movie set, the movie star finally caught sight of Mercy Johnson.

Without hesitation, he made his way over to her and was greeted by a series of side hugs exchanged with warmth and genuine affection.

Their encounter not only brightened the room but also filled it with laughter as she shared a few lighthearted jokes.


In related news, Clinton Joshua recently garnered widespread attention online for his response to a tearful comment from a female fan about his performance in a popular film.

His remarkable portrayal in the acclaimed movie “Treasure in the Sky” catapulted him to even greater fame, earning him praise for his compelling and emotionally charged acting.

Taking center stage on his official TikTok account, Clinton shared an audio clip capturing the emotional reaction of a female admirer deeply moved by his character’s portrayal in the film.

The video’s caption captured his sincere apology with the words, “I’m so sorry,” succinctly expressed in written form.

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